Wednesday, September 18

Color Pop

Ah dear hand warmers. Fingerless mittens. Palm cozies. Whatever it is you like to call them. The perfect pair can be hard to come by, but oh so worth the search. 

Perhaps this style suits your fancy? photo 2blog_zps5bf03e2e.jpg They make manicures pop I tell you!  photo 1blog_zps4b3eea89.jpg These beauties are now available for purchase at The Velvetleaf Boutique.

Happy New Item Wednesday everyone!


  1. These are really lovely and such a pretty colour. They look so warm and cosy ^_^

  2. So cute! I have a teal pair my mother in law made me! I hope it gets cold enough this year to wear them! (Living in Florida during the winter isn't so "cold")

  3. That color rocks. Love it for cold, fall, days.


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