Friday, February 15

Sunset Outfit Post

I haven't done an outfit post since before I was pregnant. I thought it was time since Jack is now eight weeks and I'm finally fitting back into my regular clothes.  photo 3_zps250a73e2.jpg After a morning and afternoon cooped up indoors, my hubby asked if I wanted to try and catch a last-minute sunset. I quickly threw this outfit on and out the door we raced.  photo 1_zpsba7ce1de.jpg
There is nothing like the glorious outdoors to refresh and get a clean perspective.  photo 1_zpscf1e0ae3.jpg
We enjoyed gazing out at the ocean as airplanes flew overhead.  photo 2_zps739089a5.jpg Taking photos ended up being really fun. We laughed at all the bloopers and just soaked up the presence of each other.  photo 2_zps3cca6b50.jpg
I always find myself wondering why I don't do things like this more often.  photo 5_zps308e8f95.jpg James carried little Jack in his baby bjorn and our sweet boy slept the whole time. Ah the view he missed...  photo 3_zpsc9bfe0b1.jpg God's creation is so remarkable. 

 Jacket - Gift from my sister-in-law 
Top - Gap 
Shorts - Thrifted 
Leggings - Target 
Shoes - Eco-tique 
Handwarmers - Bibelot
Scarf - Crocheted by me

Wishing you a happy weekend,

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  1. Gosh, the lighting in these pictures is seriously magical! You are gorgeous also! I love that outfit, so cozy <3
    xo Maria

  2. I love the sunbeams in these photos! And you just look so darn happy! :)))


  3. You're gorgeous! Love that sunset and that outfit!

  4. You're fitting back into your clothes at 8 weeks? Amazing! That's pretty awesome girl and you look so pretty in these pics. No new mom lack of sleep look for you!

  5. The lighting in these pictures are so pretty and compliment your outfit perfectly. Very nice!!


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