Thursday, September 8

Scarf Tutorial as Promised


Circle Scarf Ingredients:
3/4 yards of fabric 54'' in width (from selvage to selvage)
or 1.5 yards (54") any width cut to 27" would be even better!
Matching thread or non-matching if you wish
Fabric Scissors
Measuring tape
Sewing Machine (or just a needle if you're going to hand-sew)
Fabric pencil or chalk

To be completely honest, the fabric I bought is a decorating fabric and so is of the 54" wide variety. It was pricier than I expected so to save money I bought only 3/4 of a yard. If you choose to do this, you'll have to follow this tutorial from Step 1 to the finish. If you found a fabric you loved and were able to buy a whole yard and a half no problem, then you can join me at Step 4 and follow along to the finish.

Step 1
Fold your fabric in half from selvage edge to selvage edge and iron a crease.
Use your fabric pencil to trace the crease and then your scissors to cut on the line.
This will divide your material into two equal pieces with a selvage edge on each piece.


Step 2
Place your two pieces right sides facing each other. (Important: Your selvage edges should not be touching.)


Step 3.
Pin and sew from one selvage edge to the other selvage edge leaving a .75" seam allowance. This will give you one long piece of fabric. It should be nearly 54" long now and 27" wide.


Step 4.
Fold the fabric in half right sides facing so when it's folded and laying flat it looks like it is 54" long and only 13ish" wide. Match up the seams you made earlier for the cleanest look. It helps to iron down those seam wings as you see in the photo below.


Step 5.
Pin and sew the long edge leaving a .75" seam allowance. When you finish with Step 5 you should have a long tunnel of fabric wrong side out.


Step 6.
Start pulling one end of the tunnel through to line up with the other end so that right sides of the fabric are facing. This is a difficult step to explain so if you have a question feel free to ask me in a comment or in an email (


Step 7.
Pin and sew together leaving a 3" gap. I like to put pins in an x at the point where I need to stop sewing. This way I don't accidentally sew my scarf shut!


Step 8.
Through the gap pull the scarf slowly right side out. After this step your scarf is nearly finished with the exception of the 3" hole along that seam line.


Step 9.
Blind stitch by hand the small opening closed. 


Step 10.
Iron if you wish... or be done. You can wear it hanging long or wrapped around twice. Either way you'll love it! 


Happy sewing everyone...


  1. love this! i wish i were savvy with the sewing machine--i would love to make one! for now, i will just swoon over yours!

  2. What a cool scarf! The fabric you chose looks really nice. I wish I had sewing skills :/ ...

    Have a great weekend! ;D


  3. i have a scarf obsession, i'm serious. i always wanted to learn how to make my own! you're a blessing girl.
    by the way the comment you left me, really sweet, honestly meant alot, like it really really did. thank you! you're the best :) xoxoxo so happy to have met you, i always enjoy coming to see what's going on in your life!

  4. Jenna - You could totally make this by hand I just bet. It would take awhile longer but might be kinda fun! Otherwise, I hope to sell them in my shop eventually so you can always buy one then if you see one you love!

    Miki - Thank you!!! And I FINALLY got your package all packaged up and ready to send. Yay! Hopefully you'll be getting it real soon.

    Ashley - I think God blessed you super richly with the incredible gift of encouragement. I feel it every time you leave a comment. Thank you dear girl! So happy to have met you too!

  5. Thanks for posting a tutorial. I would love to give this a try! The scarf is beautiful!


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