Friday, September 2

Book Keeping Treat

Not many people know this about me, but I absolutely love bookkeeping. Call me crazy I can't help myself. So, last night, I took yet another tiny step toward my goal of starting a shop and purchased my very first column pad. I realize there are much more technologically sound ways to keep business records, but for me a paper and pen is perfection. I can't resist the satisfaction that comes from designing each number with care. 

I gathered all my receipts from Jo-Ann's and similar stores where I've purchased materials and tallied up costs for the month of August. I even made note of my savings. Love those discounted prices. 


What about you? How do you keep track of all the numbers coming in and going out?

p.s. What do you guys think of my new custom-made buttons for Bloglovin', Pinterest, and Twitter? I just figured out how to make them today and it was soooo much FUN! 


  1. Oh, my! I wouldn't know how to use one of these pads! And the new buttons are really cool.

    Have a fun long weekend! ;)


  2. I love your new buttons! How did you make those? Anyway, to keep track of my expenses, I usually list them in my journal first, and then transfer them in my computer. That way, I don't have to worry if I lose my files.


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