Wednesday, July 13

Recipes Organized? Check!

This idea is stolen from none other than my smart and talented sister, Candace. Until I saw her design-it-yourself recipe book, I didn't know what on earth to do with all the recipes I'd collected. I always thought that someday I'd get every single one written out on a little recipe card and stored neatly in a cataloged box. All I can say is that wasn't happening. Does anyone else have this problem of unorganized recipes? 

Making your own recipe book is really rather easy and it allows you to store all kinds of recipes whether they're printed on neat little cards, scrawled out on random sheets of paper, or beautifully typed but don't fit into your recipe box. 

All you need is:
 A 3-ring binder (preferably a pretty-looking one)
Some fun paper that looks cool on both sides
Dividers with tabs (and preferably with a folder slot to store the recipes you have yet to glue into place)
Clear storage sleeves with three holes punched
Glue stick
Pen or pencil

I won't give you all the details of assembly because part of the fun is creating your own style and figuring it all out, but I will promise you you'll love the end result. 

One of my favorite recipes in my book is from Betsy at part of the main. You seriously have to try your hand at making her "Scones That Taste As Scones Should Taste." They're delicious for breakfast or with afternoon tea or as a bedtime snack or really at any point in the day. 

Isn't that fun!


  1. I have a recipe binder that is Pa-THETIC compared to this! I gotta start over! You've inspired me. I'll call this Recipe Binder That Looks As Recipe Binders Should Look.


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