Sunday, July 10

Creative Space

Today in my continued effort to create a room I feel enticed to play in each time I pass, I went to town on the shelf in the corner of our cozy little den. I found the organizing baskets at JoAnn Fabrics and filled them with yarn, crochet hooks, beautiful paper, and other fun things. 
In this room we house our piano, another shelf stacked full of books, a corner desk. And hopefully soon, a sewing table in the only remaining open corner. Are you feeling crowded yet? I'll be honest, it's not much space which can stifle creativity but if I can keep it uncluttered and organized, plus looking cute, I think I might enjoy its company.

Some things I love:

The way the sun shines through the curtains,
The bowl of two dozen dried roses from my man on our first date,
The recovered cushion of the chair,
The very old piano,
And the curtain holdback that has a not-so-functional mirror front.

I will keep you posted as this room evolves into something truly lovely and inspiring. 
Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. It's about to storm outside so I'm gonna go cuddle up with a book and some tea.

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  1. I love, love, love how you used that hook as a curtain hanger. What a great idea!


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